What is "Tales of Aer"?

Tales of Aer or ToA for short, is a series of stories from the continent of Aer. Aer itself is part of a magical world where things aren't always what they seem at first.

Currently, four stories are planned, but there is a lot more stories that can be told from it. The stories are all tales from different places, periods in time and people, but will share a common theme throughout.

Tale one: Nightrise

Nightrise is the current, first tale and is about Phoenix, a unicorn and prince who gets lost in the valley of the sea of clouds. Ricky, a boy who lives in the mountains above the clouds has stranded there as well. Together they try to get Ricky back home... and solve their problems along the way.

About the continent Aer

Aer is inhabited by humanoid horses, the Hueman, called so for their wide range of colors in their magical auras, though there are many more creatures out there that share just as great, if not even greater, intelligence with them. Among them are the Elementals, five species of animals who are far older and wiser than the Hueman themselves. These include the Dragons, elementals of fire, the Kirin, elementals of lightning, the Breather, elementals of air, the Caprin, elementals of earth and the Lepori, elementals of water.

Aer consists of many different places and climates, from the cold Kumulmare, the sea of clouds at "worlds end" all the way to the last remaining Kingdom of Elanthriss which is magically locked into an eternal twilight sky. From nothern Aer, with its dense, exotic and untamed wilderness to the mountainous south Aer, where Hueman even live in an ancient, extinct volcano.

Though, even then, there is a lot more out there to be found....